If you buy 2 pairs of shoes for $50.00 each and the sales tax is 0.08%, what change will I get back

When you go to the store you should always expect to pay a sales tax on whichever transaction takes place. In the instance in which you go to the store and purchase two pairs of shoes costing $50 a pair, and the sales tax is 0.08%, your math should go like this: The two pair of shoes cost 2 x $50.00 = $100.00 The tax is 8% (multiplication is 0.08 of the total) = 100.00 x 0.08 = $8.00 Add the $100 for the shoes, and the $8 for the sales tax to get $108.00 Lastly, if you pay the cashier $200, then: $200.00 - 108.00 = $ 92.00 in change.

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